Thyme Hill Wines

Every vintage at Thyme Hill Vineyard has got its own unique character and nuances, it is exciting to have four vintages available to wander through the years of Thyme Hill, follow our journey 

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2015 Merlot


Merlot 2015 is a rich, structured wine with complex aroma's of red fruits, blackcurrant and thyme, complemented by spicy notes. 


Thyme Hill Rosé is a Merlot Pinot noir single vineyard blend, a light bodied wine with long lasting flavours.

2016 Merlot


Merlot 2016 is a medium bodied wine with spicy notes in an overall soft palate. The complex aroma's reveal thyme and dark fruits.

2021 Rosé

 2018 Merlot 

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2017 Merlot