Sustainable Winegrowing


 Thyme Hill Vineyard takes part in Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand or in short SWNZ. This certification recognizes vineyards that follow best environmental practice in the vineyard and the winery. SWNZ provides guidance to focus on sustainability and continuous improvement. 

As landowner we have stewardship over the land and we aim to leave our land in a better state for future generations. 

A big goal is to be Carbon Neutral by 2050, there are several components part of this goal, some of them are: zero waste to landfill, getting carbon certification, keeping a water budget and monitoring our resources like fuel.

Another aim is to increase biodiversity, this means growing inter-row crops and planting more (native) trees and shrubs in the margins of our block of land.

We are also getting guidance with reducing the use of herbicides and in general aiming for less sprays in the vineyard.