Sustainable Winegrowing

Here at Thyme Hill we are proud to be certified with the Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand. This certification recognises vineyards that follow best environmental practice in the vineyard and the winery.

Here are some ways we incorporate the environment into our grape growing:

- Diversity. Under the vines in the rows we have a variety of other plants growing, including grasses, clover, thyme and even wild asparagus! Instead of spraying, these plants are kept under control through grazing with sheep or horses. 

- Fertiliser and composting. Along with the manure from grazing animals through the vineyard, we use sheep pellets from shearing sheds to give the vines an extra nutrient boost. We also have the grape stalks returned to us from the winery and compost these before spreading them through the vines. 

- Native shelterbelts. Thyme Hill was established with exotic shelterbelts and very little native vegetation. Over time we are reverting this back to native cover using dryland trees and shrubs. 

- Limited use of fungicides and sprays to control disease.

With regularly monitoring for early detection we reduce the amount of sprays needed to control disease.