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Our People

The people with the passion to make Thyme Hill special

Three people being the team of Thyme Hill

Inge Diks

Grape Grower & Owner

Inge has a pioneering spirit and is naturally drawn to challenges with high rewards. In 1991 she emigrated from the Netherlands to the South Island and took up dairy farming on the West Coast. After 20 years of the wild and beautiful elements and challenges of West Coast living, Inge decided it was time for a new challenge and moved from the wettest part of the country to the driest! She now earns her crust producing quality Merlot grapes on her vineyard on the outskirts of Alexandra, and has earned herself a reputation of a 'someone who gets things done', among the vineyard community. 


Grape growing appeals to Inge as it is a great balance of science, hard graft, grape husbandry and problem solving. The weather and climate is certainly a challenge but is arguable the most crucial aspect of winegrowing system. Four seasons in one day is certainly possible at any time of the year! In the setting of Central Otago grape growing is a choice for style of life, growing boutique niches among the towering southern mountains and vast river valleys. True job satisfaction is achieved through seeing your vines come to fruition, from bud burst through to harvest and onwards through the wine-making process to the enjoyment of an authentic end product.

A person named Inge


Antony Worch

Winemaker - Alexandra Vintners

Coming from Alsace (France), Antony and his partner Marion arrived in Central Otago in 2005 to make wine at Peregrine and Marion for William Hill, eventually being involved in the contract winemaker role for a number of winegrowers in the area. Despite the receivership, Antony managed to use the William Hill facilities for the 2010 vintage before moving into the new Alexandra Vintners property in Success Street. Antony is assisted by a multi national team including assistant winemaker Pierre Wiese from South Africa.

 Antony’s winemaking approach is for elegance with textures and wines that are complementary with food, essentially what he was brought up with in Alsace.

the wine maker named Antony

Suzie Oxley

Sales Manager

Pior to joining the Thyme Hill team Suzie spent 15 years in hospitality. During this time she owned a restaurant in Invercargill. She moved to Central Otago in 2022 and felt that it was time to rekindle her passion for wine. Many years ago she completed her Post Graduate Diploma in Oenolgy and Viticulture at Lincoln University. Although she hadn't been formally involved in the wine industry until coming on board with Thyme Hill she has maintained a keen interest in wine and loves sharing her knowledge about Thyme Hill Merlot.


The sales manager
The plant Thyme with people in the backgound
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